Bi-Weekly Update #5: GDAO Staking Live!

I hope you’ve been staking! If you missed the memo, don’t worry, you still have until the end of March :)

Green JEFF
2 min readJan 29, 2021

GDAO Staking

  • GDAO Staking for Loyalty Points (LOYAL) went live on Monday.
  • With LOYAL, users can redeem limited edition NFTs and claim a portion of the total unclaimed airdrops for BREE holders after the period to claim is exhausted.
  • There is close to 200,000 GDAO staking. Combined with GDAO staking as LP in the mines, that represents over 75% of the circulating supply staking in Governor contracts!
  • For more information on GDAO staking for LOYAL, please see the announcement article.
  • Please note that GDAO staking is designed to be one-account-one-entry. Anyone found abusing with multiple accounts will be blacklisted and forfeit their rewards altogether.


  • Our second proposal, which reflected vested GDAO allocations for Q1 development, passed with unanimous support across 18 voters and over 42,000 GDAO.
  • All vested token allocations are now streaming via Sablier Finance, which unlocks 1/n tokens every block for the duration of the stream.


  • Rain, sleet, or shine, the mines continue on!
  • GDAO-ETH LP, YFI, and USDC currently lead APY. Each offer between 250–300%.
  • There is roughly $900,000 in TVL, and the treasury has accumulated roughly $35,000 from 2% deposit fees.


  • This update’s airdrop burn is roughly 4,900 GDAO. Total burn to-date is about 48,000 GDAO — 1.6% of the total supply.


  • After contact with Coingecko, Governor supply and market cap is now tracked. Make sure to give it a thumbs up!
  • We’re currently requesting integration on Zapper Finance, which enables one-click LP and tracking on their website. Please give us an upvote here.


  • The team is actively exploring different marketing avenues, such as sponsored articles, videos, and social media campaigns. More formal marketing plans will be commence closer to the airdrop (and much more beyond).
  • One of our team members, Arc, gave a speech at The Greater Reset, where he shared information on Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Governor DAO.

Incentivized Participation

  • We are looking to soft launch our foray into incentivized participation with a Gleam campaign.
  • The Gleam campaign will gamify a number of tasks, such as completing surveys, watching educational content on DAOs, and performing microtasks to promote Governor.

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