GDAO Staking is Here!

The highly anticipated Loyalty Points program is now live. Park your GDAO in tax-free staking to earn LOYAL. Redeem for NFTs and more GDAO!

Green JEFF
2 min readJan 25, 2021

Deposit GDAO: earn Loyalty Points (LOYAL). The Staking page for LOYAL is now live. Deposit GDAO once LOYAL rewards commence at 5:00pm Pacific Time today.

LOYAL is a non-transferrable ERC20 token. You cannot send it to another address or sell on Uniswap. Instead, you will be able to redeem LOYAL for limited edition NFTs and swap back for more GDAO. Below is a taste of what these NFTs look like.

GDAO staking is largely similar to our existing mines: deposit GDAO, earn LOYAL each second. Your earning rate is reflective of your deposits versus total stake in the pool. The major differences are that there is no fee on deposit and you can only earn LOYAL with GDAO.

The Loyal Mine will run through the end of the Quarter (March 31).

IMPORTANT: You are only allowed to participate with one account. Any individuals found abusing the campaign with multiple addresses will have their rewards revoked altogether.

For more information on the token details, GDAO swap, and NFT specifications, see the corresponding forum post.

With that, get staking! Head over and get ready!

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