WKND Coin: Trade your weekend in

Are you finding yourself burnt out with the 24/7 nature of crypto? Under normal circumstances, crypto can be overwhelming. But the accelerated nature of DeFi ponzinomics makes it impossible to keep up without copious drug usage. WKND fixes this.

WKND is inherently worthless. Don’t buy it. Don’t trade speculate on it. It’s not worth anything.

From 12:00am Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday (UTC) WKND behaves like a normal shitcoin. But outside of those 48 hours, it’s unusable. You can’t trade, can’t sell it, can’t burn it. It’s unusable Monday-Friday. Some unknowing ape will most definitely call it a rugpull on the first Monday morning after launch when they find out they can’t dump it back to Uniswap.

This positions WKND uniquely as a prime memecoin offering. This 48 hour window concentrates activity for maximum aping, and by situating it around the weekend, you are more likely to trade it irrationally while under the influence. Win or lose, you don’t have to worry about whatever you did the next five days after.

The total supply of WKND is 69,420. It is broken down as follows:

  • 35% Airdrop to JEFF token holders (24,297 WKND)
  • 35% Airdrop to I AM JEFF NFT holders (24,297 WKND)
  • 20% Token sale via Bounce Finance (13,884 WKND)
  • 10% Uniswap Liquidity (6,942 WKND)

The sale will run for 24 hours and will begin at an undisclosed time (during the weekend, obviously). Only members of JEFF Group will have the proposed start time before then.

13,884 WKND are for sale at a price of roughly 0.0018 ETH per WKND. There is a hard cap of 25 ETH and a limit of 2 ETH per address. The soft cap is 15 ETH, if under 15 ETH in sales are achieved, all participants will have their contributions refunded.

Once 15 ETH is acquired, it will be locked as liquidity alongside the allocated 10% of supply (6,942 WKND). The remaining 10 ETH are retained for project development costs.

Liquidity will be locked for one month. Liquidity will be removed upon migration to WKND V2, which introduces rebase mechanics during the week. The liquidity will similarly be migrated to the new token.

The fully diluted market cap of WKND at Bounce sale is roughly $42,000. At the Uniswap LP rate, it will be closer to $50,000.

If Bounce buyers add liquidity at a higher price before official liquidity is added, I will dump the price down until it’s correct.

WKND will be airdropped to all JEFF holders with at least 10 JEFF balance. Uniswap, Burn address, and contract address (where some JEFF has been erroneously sent) are excluded from the airdrop. The snapshot will be recorded at the block when the bounce sale goes live. The exact ratio of WKND:JEFF depends on the outstanding supply of JEFF but should be just under 1:1.

There are 100 copies of I AM JEFF in existence. Each NFT will get an equal allocation of 242.97 WKND.

JEFF token holders and I AM JEFF NFT holders will automatically receive WKND to the same address they hold the token and/or NFT. The airdrop will commence sometime after the sale has ended and Uniswap liquidity has been added, but in the same weekend as the sale.

Q3 2020:

  • Contract creation [DONE]
  • Website [DONE]
  • Telegram [DONE]
  • Token Sale
  • Airdrop

Q4 2020:

  • Migration to V2, which will incorporate a rebase function every day of the week (while WKND is untradeable)
  • Introduction of WKDY, the yin to WKND’s yang, and airdrop to WKND holders
  • Collaborations with weekend-focused influencers and other shitcoins


  • Accepted currency at Vegas Night Clubs
  • Binance
  • Coinbase

Find out more on wkndcoin.com and join the WKND Telegram.

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