Pylon and the Golden Armada: The Evolution of Venture Capital

What is Pylon?

Before we can get into what makes Pylon so special, let’s take some time to understand what exactly the project aspires to be.

Pylon Funding Model

The existing $20 million-plus mining farm doesn’t immediately share revenue with Pylon holders. The project is generating capital through the current Solarite pools, which will be used to expand existing operations. These new mining rig purchase and installations will send revenue directly to Pylon holders.

The Evolution of Seed Funding as We Know It

In the traditional world of finance, certain Venture Capital firms specialize in early-stage seed funding of start up businesses. The VC firm operates as follows:

  • Vet potential projects to the best of their abilities
  • Allocate large sums of money for them to build out the company they envision
  • Earn huge returns (10x and potentially much more more) if the investment plays out and the company is successful

The Golden Armada is Real

Immediately, the successful build-out of additional mining rigs, a solar farm, and real estate enterprises makes Pylon a massively undervalued project that will make everyone in it now very happy campers.



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