The first 50 eligible participants will receive 20 WKND each. In addition, three winners will receive an extra 100 WKND for the following criteria:

  1. Highest Engagement (will be checking for bots)
  2. Best Drink
  3. Best Photography

That’s a 1300 WKND prize pool! Nothing to sneeze at, and if you’re a true degenerate, you’re gonna get hammered regardless of the incentive.

How to participate

Eligible participants must be members of the WKND Telegram and follow myself (Green JEFF) on Twitter. You must also retweet the following:

From there, post a timestamped picture with your Telegram/Twitter handle and a message about $WKND. You can dox yourself if you really want to, but I’d advise against it. Include the $WKND cashtag with whatever text you want to add to the Tweet. Here’s an example of how that should look:

Once you’ve done all those steps, fill out this form.

You have until the end of this weekend (when WKND is no longer eligible to trade) to participate. Payments will be made next weekend.

Learn more about WKND at



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