Next Steps for JEFF

The JEFF Group is now open for entry. See more information here.

Now, there are some immediate needs to take care of as well as long-term aspirations to strive for as JEFF continues to grow and mature.


The primary utility of JEFF at launch is access to the JEFF Group. As such, my first priority is building out a library of meaningful content for group members to utilize. This is going to initially take the form of a Discord server where I can compile long-hand writeups, code reviews, and technical tutorials.

I plan to compile a tutorial on how to interact with smart contracts directly in order to frontrun new farming pools or IDOs. This can serve as a benchmark the group can assess/critique for future resources, which will include content along the lines of:

  • Metamask/Dapp 101: frequent problems and fixes
  • How to Analyze Smart Contracts
  • Building your own DEX Price feeds and Automating Trades

Of course, the group will have the ultimate say in what type of resources should be prioritized. I can additionally or instead spend more time doing in-depth reviews on new and exciting projects, spend time talking about how to make money or run a business in crypto, proper risk management and how to approach smallcap plays, etc. etc.

I need to compile the boring stuff that all tokens need. Create a logo, submit to Coingecko, assemble community moderators, etc.

With a budding community and an active token, the next step is to negotiate with other projects and players in the space to cooperate with (and pay in) JEFF. My vision includes getting JEFF pools added to new farming coins and airdropping other projects’ tokens to JEFF Group members.

As JEFF matures, so does my role in the space, and this also leads down a separate road of consulting/advising, podcasts appearances/AMAs/interviews, and things like that. There may additionally be some opportunity to sell advertising privileges for JEFF.

I have a firm belief that there is a market for experimental erc20 tokens with trusted backgrounds. I’m not a scammer, JEFF will prove that, and that trust can be piggybacked to introduce new tokens, separate from JEFF, that will additionally be allocated to JEFF holders and JEFF Group members. This would look similarly to Bill Drummond’s “Burn the State” Token Games group.

Please remember that this project is purely experimental and JEFF has no monetary value. Participants are interacting with JEFF voluntarily and assume 100% of the risk.

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