JEFF Group Information

The sale is over, liquidity is locked, and D-Day for JEFF is wrapping up. With that, my efforts will transition into building out the utility of the token, starting with the JEFF private group.

A one-time 40 JEFF payment grants lifetime access to the JEFF Group. As laid out previously, 50% of all JEFF payments (for the group or for my professional services) are burned.

JEFF Group Details

Immediately, this group represents a private Telegram chat for candid discussion where we can discuss trading strategies, dissect projects and DeFi platforms, and follow broader trends throughout the cryptosphere.

My approach to cryptocurrency trading is technical in nature, and I anticipate the pace of the group to follow similarly. “Quick flips” will indulge in strategies like front-running liquidity pool launches and IDOs by interacting directly with the token contracts. Long term picks will revolve around digging into the underlying mechanisms behind a coin and analyzing what end-game valuation that translates to.

Because many of these topics will require written or video tutorials of some sort, the Telegram group will operate in tandem to a private library of resources I compile. Immediately, this will most likely take the form of a Discord server.

Beyond the knowledge and cooperation presented by the group, JEFF group members will also have voting rights towards the future of JEFF. This may look like changing burn rates, deploying treasure funds, and so on.

Long-Term Goals

As JEFF continues to mature, the group represents the core members of a broader JEFF ecosystem. This membership is of utmost value, and should be incentivized as such. This could take the form of token allocations from other projects that partner with JEFF, or airdrops for any future tokens I launch. Additionally, cooperation with other projects could take the form of exclusive private sale offerings for JEFF holders.

Should there be heavy demand for various professional services or advertisements paid in JEFF, the group could also grant discounts or exclusive access to certain privileges or services.

I would like to reiterate this this project and the tools/services provided are experimental in nature. I cannot promise any monetary value or return on investment. Participation in JEFF is a way to play an early role in my development as I kickstart my career in blockchain.

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