Governor x Trinity: For a Better DeFi Future

Green JEFF
2 min readDec 30, 2020


We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Governor and Trinity Protocol!

Governor’s mission is to bootstrap projects with working, active governance as outlined through our Governance-as-a-Service vision.

In a similar vein, Trinity seeks to bootstrap projects with sufficient liquidity through automatic liquidity generation and their upcoming yield farming launchpad.

Alas, there is a natural synergy between Governor and Trinity. Projects integrating with GDAO stand to benefit from Trinity’s liquidity building solutions, and Trinity’s partners similarly stand to gain from our voting bootstrap.

Strategic Partnership: Liquidity and Governance Dual-Offering

The nature of the partnership is straightforward:

  • Projects looking to work with GDAO for their governance needs will be referred to Trinity for their liquidity services (whitelisted partner pools and the upcoming Genesis yield farm launchpad.
  • Similarly, projects looking to integrate with Trinity for liquidity needs will be referred to Governor for our various governance services – voting bootstrap, consulting work, contract porting, and so on.

Just like governance, liquidity is a major obstacle that many projects fail to overcome. Both of these elements are crucial to the success of the project: a lack of liquidity and a broken governance model similarly spell disaster. Failure in either of these areas can destroy a project outright.

As the Governor and Trinity networks grow and mature side-by-side, this partnership may evolve further as a comprehensive package that make deployment of our respective services as seamless as possible for interested projects.

We look forward to our partnership with Trinity, a project we respect as, like Governor, a first-mover in a desperately needed service for new and existing DeFi projects alike.

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