Bi-Weekly Update #8: Full Speed Ahead

Grab you beverage of choice and saddle in, this is a big one.

Green JEFF
4 min readMar 26, 2021


NOTE: We’re a bit overdue from the last Bi-Weekly. The team has transitioned to an agile workflow following standard two-week sprints. The Bi-Weekly will now reflect the summary of the previous sprint (today being the last day of the current sprint).

Partnerships and BizDev

  • Governor DAO recently partnered with Finnovant to synergize biometric authentication with blockchain applications. Our pilot project, a Proof-of-Existence registry, is in active development and the team is targeting a POC release in the next two weeks.
  • See the team’s interview with Finnovant to get more details on the powerful partnership, and stay tuned for more details on the business model and technical roadmap of our cooperation.
  • The team has entered discussion and signed NDAs with four additional projects around the crypto space, including two mid-cap token projects in the high-eight to low-nine figure market cap range.
  • Liquid Propane, an innovative microcap on Binance Smart Chain, launches this weekend. Liquid Pane employed Governor as a consultant to port our innovative LGE contracts. A portion of token sales and allocation of token supply is reserved to Governor through the consultancy. This is represents a real world “MVP” of our ability to port Governor tech to third-party projects, and reflects a precursor to our upcoming Governance-as-a-Service package.
  • As our broader business development branch formalizes, all community members will be invited to connect Governor with third-party projects and earn 25% commission on every deal. Formal details to come.


  • In perhaps a first-of-its-kind, the community has engaged in open negotiations to facilitate the amicable departure of a former team member. This is a fantastic win for Governor and DAOs in general. The vote to finalize this exit is ongoing and ends tomorrow, 10am Pacific.
  • There is an additional, ongoing vote to utilize OCEAN tokens to stake behind our upcoming dataset publication plus 8,000 USDC to the GovBox for freelance work and misc. expenses.



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