All is well in the world of Governor DAO. Below outlines our updates from the most recent sprint and some insight into next sprint.

  • Governor NFTs are for sale to LOYAL holders until tomorrow, 4/10 at 12:00pm Pacific. Head to the Loyal staking page to purchase said NFTs.
  • The team intends to burn many of the unsold NFTs, retaining a handful as rewards for further promotions, campaigns, and giveaways.
  • The recent “Building DAO” article…

For our LOYAL supporters — our limited run of Governor NFTs are here.

For those patiently awaiting the drop of our NFTs… the wait is over. Starting 3/31 8:00pm UTC (1pm Pacific), the LOYAL-NFT swap will go live on the Loyal staking app.

Each NFT is animated, click through to the Rarible link to see them in action.

Staffer (1,000 LOYAL | 200…

Grab you beverage of choice and saddle in, this is a big one.

NOTE: We’re a bit overdue from the last Bi-Weekly. The team has transitioned to an agile workflow following standard two-week sprints. The Bi-Weekly will now reflect the summary of the previous sprint (today being the last day of the current sprint).

  • Governor DAO recently partnered with Finnovant to synergize biometric…

A LOT is going on behind the scenes – not all of which can be shared (right now). You’re going to have to read between the lines :)

  • GDAO staking is roughly halfway through. There is over 430,000 GDAO staking – almost 50% of the circulating supply.
  • The NFT swap contracts are compiled and on testnet. NFT redemption will be live once tests are complete and the Loyalty Mines page is updated to support the contracts.
  • This forum…

Governor is growing its legs and beginning to fill out its space in the DeFi-verse. Here’s our recent progress since our last update.

  • We are proud to have received a grant from Ocean DAO for our ongoing data aggregation buildout.
  • This grant will enable us to stake OCEAN behind our own datasets on the Ocean marketplace. More information found here.
  • listed GDAO for trading. Go here to trade GDAO-USDT and GDAO-ETH.
  • Governor’s…

Governor DAO has been awarded a grant via Ocean DAO to help bring our crowdsourced data to the Ocean Marketplace

As part of the second round of Ocean DAO’s monthly grants program, Governor DAO was awarded 10,000 OCEAN (valued at roughly $7,000) for our ongoing data aggregation initiative.

Our proposal, which can be viewed here, outlines our intentions to collect market data through incentivization of our existing Governor DAO community…

I hope you’ve been staking! If you missed the memo, don’t worry, you still have until the end of March :)

  • GDAO Staking for Loyalty Points (LOYAL) went live on Monday.
  • With LOYAL, users can redeem limited edition NFTs and claim a portion of the total unclaimed airdrops for BREE holders after the period to claim is exhausted.
  • There is close to 200,000 GDAO staking. Combined with GDAO staking as LP…

The highly anticipated Loyalty Points program is now live. Park your GDAO in tax-free staking to earn LOYAL. Redeem for NFTs and more GDAO!

Deposit GDAO: earn Loyalty Points (LOYAL). The Staking page for LOYAL is now live. Deposit GDAO once LOYAL rewards commence at 5:00pm Pacific Time today.

LOYAL is a non-transferrable ERC20 token. You cannot send it to another address or sell on Uniswap. Instead, you will be able to redeem LOYAL…

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