Governor is growing its legs and beginning to fill out its space in the DeFi-verse. Here’s our recent progress since our last update.

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  • We are proud to have received a grant from Ocean DAO for our ongoing data aggregation buildout.


  • listed GDAO for trading. Go here to trade GDAO-USDT and GDAO-ETH.

LOYAL Staking

  • GDAO staking for Loyalty Points has been live for roughly two weeks.


Governor DAO has been awarded a grant via Ocean DAO to help bring our crowdsourced data to the Ocean Marketplace

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As part of the second round of Ocean DAO’s monthly grants program, Governor DAO was awarded 10,000 OCEAN (valued at roughly $7,000) for our ongoing data aggregation initiative.

Our proposal, which can be viewed here, outlines our intentions to collect market data through incentivization of our existing Governor DAO community members. This data will be packaged into a dataset and ultimately published on the Ocean Marketplace for sale to the general public.

For the Ocean ecosystem, our efforts benefit the marketplace with a more efficient, equitable, and trustworthy strategy for data collection and sale. For Governor DAO, this OCEAN grant…

I hope you’ve been staking! If you missed the memo, don’t worry, you still have until the end of March :)

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GDAO Staking

  • GDAO Staking for Loyalty Points (LOYAL) went live on Monday.

The highly anticipated Loyalty Points program is now live. Park your GDAO in tax-free staking to earn LOYAL. Redeem for NFTs and more GDAO!

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Deposit GDAO: earn Loyalty Points (LOYAL). The Staking page for LOYAL is now live. Deposit GDAO once LOYAL rewards commence at 5:00pm Pacific Time today.

LOYAL is a non-transferrable ERC20 token. You cannot send it to another address or sell on Uniswap. Instead, you will be able to redeem LOYAL for limited edition NFTs and swap back for more GDAO. Below is a taste of what these NFTs look like.

Special edition NFTs, GDAO rewards, and immutable documentation of your early support in Governor DAO. What more is there to say?

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Once the GDAO token is circulating and revenue generation is underway, we are envisioning a “governance vault” where holders can stake their GDAO and earn automated returns as frequent GDAO buybacks funded out of the treasury.

But until then, it’s important to reward our current GDAO holders and supporters, as well as give our community members a place to park their GDAO earned from the mines, claimed from the airdrop, or otherwise: Introducing Loyalty Points (LOYAL)

Stake GDAO, earn LOYAL

Starting next week…

Governor development continues to chug along! Here’s what we’ve been up to over the past two weeks

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  • GDAO Governance V1 is live as Snapshot voting, found here.


  • Governor announced a cooperative partnership with Trinity Protocol to offer a dual-platform service (Liquidity Building via Trinity and Governance-as-a-Service via GDAO).

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We are excited to announce a strategic partnership between Governor and Trinity Protocol!

Governor’s mission is to bootstrap projects with working, active governance as outlined through our Governance-as-a-Service vision.

In a similar vein, Trinity seeks to bootstrap projects with sufficient liquidity through automatic liquidity generation and their upcoming yield farming launchpad.

Alas, there is a natural synergy between Governor and Trinity. Projects integrating with GDAO stand to benefit from Trinity’s liquidity building solutions, and Trinity’s partners similarly stand to gain from our voting bootstrap.

Strategic Partnership: Liquidity and Governance Dual-Offering

The nature of the partnership is straightforward:

  • Projects looking to work with GDAO for their governance…

GDAO Mining is live! With that, the deployment roadmap is complete and the team now shifts focus towards buildout of the core products in pursuit of the Governor vision.

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  • The GDAO Mine is live! Stake GDAO-ETH LP with a 4x boost or take advantage of Single Asset Staking through ETH, WBTC, USDC, LINK, AAVE, SNX, UNI, or YFI.

The contract is deployed, funded, and accepting deposits for pre-staking before GDAO rewards begin.

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The GDAO Mines are open and can be found here. Please notice that there is a 2% fee on all deposits which is delivered in full to the Governor Treasury.

Mine Details at a Glance

Total GDAO Allocation: 1,200,000 GDAO

  • 4x Boosted GDAO-ETH LP: 400,000 GDAO

Starting time: Block 11505970 (roughly midnight GMT, 12/23 | 4pm Pacific 12/22)

Ending time: Block 12705970

Duration: Roughly six months

Mine Contract:


More information

Stats on the page are accurate and fully functional. APY…

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  • Complete makeover of the website to better convey Governor messaging and provide a more robust and professional framework for current and future Governor resources.


  • Contract is built, tested, and in staging for live launch.

GDAO Mines

  • Contract is built, tested, and in staging for live…

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